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At Precious Fruits Child Care and Learning Center we understand that children learn from everything they see, hear and experience. That is why we take our students on various field trips outside the center and hold special on-site events for students and parents. All our field trips and special events engage and stimulate the student on not only a educational level but also an sensory, emotional and physical level. Our field trips encourage independence and team work while allowing the students to actively engage their environment and learn about the world around them on a personal, first hand basis. While the classroom setting and learning from books is the foundation for a solid education, life experience and the engagement of the world around us provides the necessary tools for being able to participate within our society on a level that allows personal freedom, independence and the ability to work well with others.

Off-Site Field Trips
Sea World
San Diego
Knott's Berry Farm
Lego Land
Wild Animal Park
Shakey's Pizza
Santa Monica Beach Pier
Redondo Beach Pier

And much, much more......

Special Events for Students and Parents
Open House
Pool Parties
New Years Eve Bash

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